• 4mm all-weather Giga Grip latex
  • “Total Flare” hybrid cut (flat middle, rolled outer)
  • Classic full latex strap
  • Elasticated wrist entry
  • 5 x removable finger spines
  • Extended pull loop
  • X-Wrap Control™ palm & thumb wrap
  • Full latex upper with embossed punch zone
  • AirLite™ breathable body

Finger spine disclaimer: Finger spines in no way guarantee the prevention of injury and exist only to help stop one thing - hyperextension of fingers while adding a little extra protection for punching. Long term we recommend improving your form and catching without spines as it is more beneficial.



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Total Flare Hybrid Cut

Our "Total Flare" hybrid cut combines flat middle and flared outer roll fingers - this achieves a more true and higher latex coverage on key touch points in middle of the ball, while the flared outer fingers give that larger spread where there is naturally less of the ball to grip. It is a comfortable fitting glove that is not too tight, not too loose and would be best described as a "normal" fit.

Removable Finger Spines

Featuring five easily removable spines on the fingers & thumb, our spines are designed to help prevent hyper-extension related finger injuries that may occur during the game, while also providing that little extra impact protection. Not a finger spine fan? No problem, simply lift up the hidden easy-access pouch and whip them out.

X-Wrap Control™

The X-Wrap Control™ system wraps the latex around key palm and thumb touch points - this not only gives you additional latex and grip coverage on the edge of your hand, but also locks it into place giving a more secure and controlled feel.

Unlike other wraps on the market, the X-Wrap has cuts specifically engineered to deliver additional flexibility, ensuring secure and controlled doesn't mean tight and restricted.

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