• EXACT specification worn by David Raya
  • "Vortex" hybrid cut
  • Fully latex strap for maximum wrist security
  • Enhanced "ONE" logo with silver detailing
  • Single wrap thumb for added flexibility
  • 4mm pro grade Contact Latex palm
  • Echo Form™ internal grip system
  • X-Wrap Control™ palm wrap system
  • Lightweight one-piece construction (weighs just 95g!*)
  • UrgoTract™ body - our most elite, breathable and ergonomic material to date
  • 3D GEOmetric detailing
  • Extended latex palm

Please note: Due to the ultra-fitted nature of this model we recommend taking greater care when removing. This glove hugs your hand and wrist! So should be eased off like we demonstrate in our guide here.

*Weight based on size 9 glove.



Pro Proven Grip

The latex featured on the GEO 3.0 Vision Type-R is our proven Pro Grade Contact latex, as used by all our pros right up to the English Premier League. It is an excellent latex in the dry and will also perform very well in the rain providing you towel off excess liquid like you typically would with any glove. If it can beat the English weather, you know it's good.

Vortex Hybrid Cut

“Vortex” combines the very best elements of multiple hybrid cuts to deliver both tight control AND maximum latex coverage.

The middle two fingers are flat cut to ensure the most natural and maximum latex coverage curves around the centre of the ball, enhancing grip.

This is no normal flat cut though – it benefits from negative stitching meaning it is a tighter modern feel compared to your traditional flats.

The outer fingers are the very same used across our popular Carbon and Vision models - the “Hyla SL”. Our slimline pre curved beauty that hugs and wraps around your finger tips. Much like an enhanced negative-roll.

Echo Form™ Internal Grip

Echo Form™ is not like other internal grip systems. It takes the solid foundations of the past and overhauls it into an entirely new ergonomic form factor never before seen in a glove.

Inside the tips, thumb and palm are carefully placed "echos" - individually shaped patterns engineered to combat the direction your fingers, thumb and palm naturally slip against when making contact with the ball. Each one is different.

Thanks to its clever pattern design, no more silicone is used than required, meaning the feeling doesn't overbear. A subtle but reliable ever-present giving you that extra edge.

UrgoTract™ Body

UrgoTract™ is the most elite, breathable and ergonomic body we have ever used on a goalkeeper glove. An ultra-lightweight material that is engineered to deliver superior comfort, feel and security - all while ensuring flexibility of the highest calibre through its four-way elasticity.

A refined silky smooth second skin that you won't want to take off, UrgoTract™ becomes an extension of you. Allowing you to focus on one thing only, your game.

X-Wrap Control™

The X-Wrap Control™ system wraps the latex around key palm and thumb touch points - this not only gives you additional latex and grip coverage on the edge of your hand, but also locks it into place giving a more secure and controlled feel. Unlike other wraps on the market, the X-Wrap has cuts specifically engineered to deliver additional flexibility, ensuring secure and controlled doesn't mean tight and restricted.

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