Phenomenal Tom - Amputee Goalkeeper is Star

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Introducing Thomas Atkinson, star of the England Amputee Football Association's Team GB Juniors and Northbank U12s. Truly an incredible young man who is an inspiration to all of us at

THOMAS TOLD THE SUN: "I play all the time with friends out and about, even when I haven’t got training for school or my local team. While I’m good at FIFA, I’d much rather be playing out on the field with my mates – I’m better at playing in real life. “It feels natural to me and I’m fine keeping up with everyone else, I’ve never had problems.”


"He's one of the most influential players I've got. Because of his disability, he brings so much to the team that some of the other lads need to look at and think if Thomas can do it, if I can put the effort in, why can't I put the effort in. He gives 100% every time and he turns up, gets the ball out first thing and away he goes. He doesn't twine if it's raining, or if it's too warm or if he's forgotten this. He's just easy to work with and if all players were like that, it'd make my job easy."

After hearing Thomas's incredible story and seeing that he was an avid One Glove fan, we surprised Thomas with a One Glove care package to ensure he had the professional kit to match his unbelievable dedication and of course, more importantly, put a big smile on his face.

Thomas Atkinson Amputee Goalkeeper with Surprise One Glove Package


"The package safely arrived yesterday & was opened by a very happy boy, thank you all at One Glove so much. He has already given one left hand glove away to another amputee goalkeeper. So there is more than one keeper smiling." We wish Thomas the best of luck with both Northbank U12s and Team GB, we very much look forward to seeing what the future brings!


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