ToC Goalkeeping Partners with The One Glove

  • by One Glove

Today we are pleased to officially announce that talented goalkeeping videographer and coach Tommy O'Connor (of TOCKEEPERS) has partnered with The One Glove Company.

Over the coming months we will be working closely with Tommy to provide a wide range of content for goalkeepers including glove reviews, tips & tricks and more.

Make sure you are following all our social accounts and more importantly are subscribed to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos the second they drop. 

Upon joining "ONE" Tommy said:

"Absolutely delighted to be a part of the One Glove. As a coach it's important that the gloves I wear are something I’d feel confident advising the keepers I coach to wear, and with the One Glove there's no doubt I would."

"As soon as I tested them I knew they were an outstanding glove, first session worn in terrible conditions the gloves still performed at an incredibly impressive standard. Reliable grip, comfortable, good looking and great fit - all the things you want in a glove."

"Already a lot of the Goalkeepers I coach are wearing The One Glove and have all been impressed with the performance & durability of the glove."

"A fantastic glove brand, a fantastic company and great to deal with."


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