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One Glove Rewards

Welcome to One Glove Rewards! The official loyalty programme built for keepers by keepers.

How Does it Work?


Simply purchase any item from us online like you always would!


Earned points can be seen in the My Points area under My Account, here you can convert them into e-wallet credit.


At checkout, you will have the option to use e-wallet credit on your basket total.


To help reward and assist our loyal keepers that choose ONE,  at times in the year we will be running DOUBLE and even TRIPLE point promotions. This means that those two pairs you bought just supercharged your usual 800 points into a whopping 2400 (turning £1.60 credit into £4.80! - calculations based on £80 purchase).

If you don't want to miss out on extra points announcements, then we recommend checking/updating your preferences to ensure you are at least opted into email marketing


How many points per purchase will I earn?

For every £1 spent at theoneglove.com you will be credited 10 points

When do I receive my points?

Points are automatically credited 10 days after purchase, in the event your purchase is returned/refunded, all points earned from this purchase will be reclaimed immediately.

How much are points worth?

10 points convert to £0.02.

What can I earn points on?

Absolutely every purchase, however shipping costs do not factor into the points earned.

Can I earn points at offline/physical events, such as training camps?

If the purchase is not made through theoneglove.com with a registered account, then unfortunately it will not be picked up by our system.

Do I need to have a registered account to earn points?

Absolutely, otherwise it would be impossible to track, credit and spend your points.

Is there special periods where I can earn double or even triple points?

There will be promotional events where all purchases will award double and sometimes even triple points. Keep an eye on our social media and ensure you are opted into at least email marketing under your My Preferences area.