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The One Glove team are extremely proud to have joined with pro (and charity) endorsee Jamie Ashdown to help raise funds for some very worthy causes across the country. With Jamie's experience, our custom produced "Pulse" goalkeeper glove and most importantly you we can really make a difference to peoples lives - starting with a percentage of ALL "Pulse" sales going directly to our chosen cause.

Currently Supported Cause - Jack's First Steps

In May 2012 when Jack was almost 2 he was diagnosed with spastic diplegic Cerebral Palsy. This means he can only walk short distances pain free with his walker and needs a wheelchair for long distances, especially for when he starts school. Jack needs to have a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) operation, performed at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri USA, which will mean Jack is one day able to walk unaided. He currently wears a lycra suit for his posture, splints to help with his balance, a walker to get around and most recently has started using sticks.

Jonathan Sims, Jack’s dad said “We wish to thank The One Glove Company and Jamie for their support in helping us to raise money to make our dream come true of getting our little Jack to walk unaided and pain free so he can play with his twin brother Charlie.”

Donate to Jack's First Steps Directly Here
VIDEO: Meet Jack, His Family and the Fantastic Fundraisers so far

The Pulse goalkeeper glove combines our highly regarded German contact latex with gorgeous detail and a new "Medius" hybrid cut we are introducing to the brand. Designed and tested in cooperation with professional stopper Jamie Ashdown, the Pulse is an essential pro and match level glove all keepers should have in their kit bag. Not only will you have a top quality pair of gloves in your hands, but more importantly you will also be supporting our chosen Charity Foundation with a percentage of ALL sales going towards them.

  • 4mm German contact latex
  • Medius cut (negative middle + rolled outside fingers)
  • Beautifully detailed and full latex backhand
  • Designed and tested with pro Jamie Ashdown
  • Customer Note: The rubber on the strap has been downsized and is now slightly smaller and more convenient than shown in the image.

Buy the Pulse and Help Get Jack Walking

How Was the Partnership and "Pulse" Glove Born?
"Following many years of playing in goal I have had various knocks and breaks all over my hands, leading to all kinds of irregularities in my fingers. I was constantly changing my gloves because I needed such a variety in the shape and style that I was looking for that tailor made glove I had never been able to find."

"When I learned about The One Glove Company I was intrigued and began trying their range, and a dialogue was formed between myself and the company with a shared desire for the perfect goalie glove."

"When the idea was put to me to collaborate with the designers I was delighted, and we went through tonnes of design ideas, prototypes and remakes before the Pulse Glove was born."

Why "Jacks First Steps"?
 “From the outset I knew I wanted to give something back to the set of fans who had supported me and been a huge part of my life for the majority of my football career. Jack’s First Steps quickly came to the forefront when I was looking for a Portsmouth based charity and with the support from The One Glove Company it was a no brainer."

"When we first sat down and discovered Jack's First Steps we instantly knew we need to get this young lad walking again, with "The Pulse" and goalkeepers everywhere we can absolutely make a real difference to a fantastic boy's life.” 

“The people of Portsmouth and the community striving to raise such a large sum for this special boy made it a very easy choice of charity. In fact with over 50% already raised they have shown what incredible resolve they have. I will be delighted that each pair of Pulse gloves sold will lead directly to a donation straight to the charity in the hope it will help to see Jack take his first steps.”


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