"I’ve been using the brand for over 5 years and they always deliver. The high quality of gloves brings durability and grip to the next level."

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Spot more than 80 pros in your favourite gloves, including Arsenal's David Raya and Spurs Becky Spencer, plus customise your own Pro with a pair of OGs.

You heard right, you can now fulfil the fantasy of decking out your 65 rated Pro Clubs keeper in a pair of OGs. What a time to be alive 🤩

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Welcome to One Glove. Our goalkeeper gloves are not only relied on by professional keepers worldwide but offer an extensive range of products delivering a pro-grade solution for all goalkeepers, from Sunday League to the Premier League, no matter your requirements.

The One Glove was established in 2004, and we have always maintained a firm belief within the company that all goalkeepers, whatever their level, deserve access to quality gloves, without having to pay extortionate prices for the privilege. From wet weather gloves to dry, hybrid cut gloves to classics, we offer an elite range here at One Glove.

Professional Goalkeeper Gloves for Everybody

We want to push the boundaries of goalkeeping, crafting professional goalkeeping gloves that offer new designs and technologies while staying true to One Glove’s roots. We want you to find the ultimate goalkeeping equipment that finds the perfect balance between fit, comfort and quality; and we want you to trust One Glove to provide that for you.

Are You New to Goalkeeping? Confused by the Different Types of Gloves?

We understand that not all keepers are aware of the benefits and differences between the various types of glove cuts, latex options and styles. If you have a question or simply require a bit of help picking the right glove for you then please contact us absolutely any time via email, Facebook or Twitter. We will work with you to find the perfect pair from our excellent range.

Can You Help Me With the Different Goalkeeper Glove Cuts?

If you are new to goalkeeping it can be quite daunting trying to wrap your head around the different cuts available. What is the difference? What are the benefits of this cut and that cut? We got you covered, check out our great goalkeeper glove guide to help you out.

Who Wears The One Glove?

Our One Glove team of endorsees proudly wear our gloves in their careers. We believe that this is a testament to the quality of our gloves and will continue to provide ultimate choice, quality and service. No matter whether you play for fun, are a prospective goalkeeper or whether you’re a professional, we always want you to feel at the top of your game.

For a full list of who is wearing our gloves check out the page here: Goalkeeper Endorsees

Thank you for choosing us and we hope to see you wearing our product soon!