Sponsorship Winner is All Smiles

  • by One Glove

It's been a few months now since 12 year old Jack Cratchley found out he was the lucky winner of our annual goalkeeping sponsorship competition, so we thought we would catch up with how he has been getting on. Unsurprisingly...he's all smiles!

Jack Cratchley Goalkeeper Competition Winner When you realised you had won the competition what was your first thought? How did you feel? At first I didn't believe that it was actually me that had won this competition but once I did I was shocked because it's a once in a lifetime!

After you won we realised that you are currently an U14 at the Sheffield United Academy! How is that going for you?  It's going great! I love it and it is a great experience to be part of a football club so big as Sheffield United. It's also good because if you work hard, one day you can be doing what you love as your job.

You've had a chance to sample a variety of our gloves, what has been your favourite so far? I like the Novas because of the snug fit on your fingers and that you can wear them over and over again and they still remain good as new.

What about that particular glove makes it the one for you? What impresses you? How quickly the gloves sold out ha! It's a great glove because it not only feels great to play in but it also looks great so you look the part. The quality of the gloves for the price of them is top class. Very good in wet conditions as well as the dry. The Hyla cut suits me well as they are not so thin that it hurts your hands, but not so thick that you can't get a feel for the ball. They're a top glove!

Your dad tells us your are a Chesterfield fan, how does it feel to be sponsored alongside our very own Chesterfield pro Aaron Chapman! It's great because you can look at him warming up in front of crowds and seeing him play wearing exactly the same gloves as what are getting delivered to you.

What keeper would you say you look up to most?  Probably Manuel Neuer because he could play anywhere along the defence and he shows that to be a goalkeeper nowadays you need to be an outfield player as well.

Pulse Goalkeeper Gloves from The One Glove CompanyWhat's your favourite feeling as a keeper?  I'm gonna say making a match winning save which preserves your clean sheet because that's what us goalkeepers pride ourselves on and it helps out the team as well as yourself.

You've been given a lucky sneak peak of the new Pulse...without revealing too much, first impressions? What do you think of the new design and glove cut?  I like them! The new designs really slick and people will notice them, the cut is a comfy cut which is nice to wear so when you play the gloves will be comfortable. CLICK HERE to see the Pulse goalkeeper glove video teaser

Thank you for your time Jack, keep up the good work at Sheffield and do our gloves proud!


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