How we use your information

How we use your information

We use your information in a variety of ways, all of which depends on the info you supply us. We have listed below a clear breakdown of exactly what we use, how we us it and why.

Your Contact Details

How Why
Serviced based communication via email or text message We need this information to send you things like order confirmation emails and shipping updates
Delivering your order Quite simply, we need to know where to ship your order!
Anti-fraud measures To protect both The One Glove Company and you, our customers, from fraud
Displaying One Glove ads across the web In order to share our latest offers and products with you as soon as they go live
Sending info via SMS, post or email To send you the latest and greatest we have to offer - we only do this with your permission and you can opt in or out any time.
Customer feedback & surveys We do this in order to get direct feedback on how we can improve our product, business and more

Your DOB

How Why
Prevention of fraud Quite simply, to protect both you and One Glove from fraud. 
Birthday surprises Only if you've opted in to our messaging, from time to time we might send you a surprise offer on your birthday

Payment Details

This is your card and/or paypal details, however we want to make it extremely clear that we do not store this data! Your payment data is encrypted and processed safely by the UKs leading payment processor during transactions and that is it.

How Why
Processing payments and refunds To take payment for the products you are purchasing and to refund you in the event of a return

Communication History

How Why
Customer support & service We have to do this in order to be able to give you the customer support and service you expect, typically this is how you have engaged with us over email and social media (such as a a Twitter DM).

Order History & Favourited Items

This is a record of what you have purchased from us and items you may have left in your basket, or saved for another time.

How Why
 Sell our products Quite simply if you are unable to place products in your basket, then you can't purchase them!
 Customer service If you have an issue regarding a specific order, the our CS team need access to your order history to assist
 Returns As per above, our CS team will need access to the order history to process returns & refunds
 Suggest products Based on what you buy we can suggest similar products to ensure you are seeing what you like

Information About Your Device & How You Use Our Website

This is information provided when you visit our website, such as IP address, the type of device you use, location data and generally how you use our website (such as what pages you visit, what actions you take).

How Why
Location based personalisation When visiting our website we want to ensure the most relevant and best user experience possible, the above data (which cannot identify you) is used to figure out which currency to show you, which country we direct you to and which language we display
Improve our website and user experience By measuring how you interact with our site we can develop better content, better pages and generally better user experiences which benefit you. For example, if we see visitors are struggling to find something specific, we know we need to improve our menu system.


We would like to emphasise that you do not have to give us this information and we completely respect that, however we must inform you that your experience on the site may be significantly inferior to those that have provided such information - you may not be able to buy from the site, have country specific stock/currencies and more.

This type of data is always aggregated and anonymous in that it does not identify you, it is used for a variety of reasons labelled above but can be generally broken down into research reasons, user experience measurement, data analytics, customer service and generally improving our website.