EXCLUSIVE Nova Type 1 Reveal

  • by One Glove
Nova Type 1 Goalkeeper Glove Logo
It's finally here! The big reveal of the highly anticipated Nova Type 1 dropped onto our YouTube last night and the response has been phenomenal!
  • Hyla Cut (flat palm + stitchless roll finger hybrid)
  • Contact Latex
  • Full Latex Backhand
  • Breathable Air Mesh
  • Detailed Embossing
Check it out below:

About the Nova Type  1

What is the Hyla Cut? And where did the name come from?

Tree Frog - Hyla CutThe Hyla Cut is a combination of flat palm and stitchless roll fingers which provide a natural and "claw" like shape for gripping & catching the ball efficiently. It fits very snugly and is extremely comfortable helping you keep as much control of the ball as possible. The cut had such a great response during testing from our Pros that we decided rather than introduce this to the brand as purely a "hybrid" cut, we thought we would spice it up a little. The word "Hyla" comes from a species of tree frog known as Hylinae and if you look at the cut in more detail you can see that the digits tips of the fingers are slightly larger than the rest of the finger - much like a tree frog. And what better way to represent an unbeatable grip than with an amphibian that stays glued to its surface.

The black and blue material look awesome! How did the design come about?
Simple and elegant design has been a staple of The One Glove since its inception, but we wanted to really up our design game this season while not straying too far from our roots. The question was how do we achieve this? And the answer is the Nova Type 1. We worked closely with our designer to bring out some great embossing that looked modern and sleek while standing out, that combines with the black/blue ribbed material to really pop and compliment the overall design. When you get your hands on a pair try seeing how awesome it looks when you point, you'll notice the coloured shapes run along your index finger. There is also two seperate cuts of latex on the backhand split by curved black mesh, and the same applies for the two outside fingers of your hand in blue.

Where did the name Nova come from? Super Nova - Nova Type 1 Goalkeeper Glove
We must of gone through hundreds of names for our latest goalkeeper glove but Nova really just sounded right. The initial idea comes from "Supernova" which is when a star/sun explodes outshining everything else in the galaxy. Kind of fitting for how great the glove looks right? Nova is also latin for "new" so it all tied up nicely for us, and thus the Nova was born (much like a new star!). As for the "Type 1", there are 3 types of Supernova known to man, so expect new releases to adopt Type 2 and Type 3!

I haven't used Contact Latex before, what is it?
Every single one of our gloves are worn by professionals throughout the Sky Bet Football League (and abroad!) and offer excellent quality, but again much like the design we wanted to notch this up level. Contact latex is one of the best latex's money can buy offering an incredible grip while retaining good durability. If you haven't used contact before the first thing you will notice is that it is so tacky that it comes protected in plastic film beforehand and is ready to go from the first peel. If you ever needed a match day glove, the Nova Type 1 is for you.

When is the release date?
The Nova Type 1 is in production RIGHT NOW! We do not have an exact date to share just yet, but we expect they will be available for purchase within August 2014.

How much will they cost?
For over a decade our company ethos has been professional quality at an affordable price and we will maintain that. We are extremely proud to announce that the Nova Type 1 will retail at under £30.

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