The One Glove Officially Partners with Liquiproof

  • by One Glove

The One Glove Company are ecstatic to announce our partnership with leading water repellent specialist Liquiproof®.

Ever since the birth of the company we have strived to push the boundary of both design and technology available to keepers within the alternative bracket, and by partnering with Liquiproof® we firmly believe we have taken yet another stride that is unequalled anywhere else.

Goalkeepers know all too well how a wet, saturated and heavy glove can effect comfort and ultimately their game. With Liquiproof's impressive nanotechnology, formulas bond to each individual fibre of the gloves backhand, creating an invisible, long-lasting protection against whatever you throw at it - liquid quite literally beads up and rolls off the glove effortlessly. What this means for the keeper is a lighter, dryer and more easily cleanable glove that impressively retains it's breath-ability.

Starting with the brand new GEO MCG model developed in collaboration with Premier League goalkeeper Allan McGregor, keepers everywhere will be able to experience Liquiproof® for themselves when the new range (now available for pre order!) drops next month.

At the highest level you need every advantage you can get, and with the MCG and Liquiproof®, you've got it. Be sure to check out the video above where One Glove pro Allan McGregor and Liquiproof founder Caner Veli discuss the GEO MCG, the technology behind it and show the coating in action.

Our friends over at Liquiproof have also kindly set up an exclusive code for 10% off their range of products with code LP1GLOVE, check out their store over at!


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