Order Protection Policy

Ship Aid is our in-house order protection service, protecting your order for instant replacement if impacted by loss, theft or damage. The service means you skip the lengthy process of courier investigations, claims and processes before a replacement order is sent. 

Basically, if a courier driver is having a really bad day and does this....

...you're covered!

Our full terms of service can be read below, it's short, simple and to the point to give you peace of mind.

Terms of Service

  1. Customers are only entitled to Ship Aid if the service is added to cart, through ticking the box when prompted and paid for at checkout. 

  2. This service is exclusively available to customers within the UK. If you have mistakenly found this item while outside the UK, and added to your cart, you will only be entitled to a refund of your ShipAid protection.

  3. Ship Aid entitles the customer to a priority replacement order in the event their items are lost, stolen or damaged during transit.

  4. Proof of loss, theft or damage must be provided by the customer and reviewed by our team for approval, in the following formats:

    • Data and status updates provided by the courier's tracking service showing the item is lost/missing
    • Image/data provided by the courier that shows delivery to an address or space not specified by the customer
    • Imagery demonstrating damage to the products now rendering them unusable
    • Video (such as on a Ring Doorbell) which shows a courier stealing the parcel

  5. By submitting a claim, you agree and confirm that:

    • You have fully checked your property and the items claimed are not there and/or damaged beyond use
    • You have checked with all family members and neighbours and none of them have taken the delivery for you
    • You agree to co-operate with Loss Prevention in the event of any investigation into the missing items claimed
    • You understand that any refund regarding this claim might be subject to a further investigation
    • You confirm this declaration is true & accurate in all respects
    • You understand that making a false statement could lead to further legal action
    • You understand fraudulent activity will result in your name, personal information and address being blacklisted from our network of websites including but not limited to; theoneglove.com, theoneglove.com.au and theoneglove.us.

  6. Ship Aid will not cover your order in the following circumstances:

    • You instruct the courier to leave the item in a publicly viewable area (such as front door step)
    • You instruct the courier to leave with a neighbour and there is proof of delivery to this neighbour
    • An incorrect address has been provided during checkout, meaning the order has been fulfilled as requested by the customer
    • The packaging is damaged only

  7. Ship Protect will cover you in the following circumstances:

    • The courier left your item in a space or area not requested by yourself, that is publicly viewable and resulted in theft/loss/damage
    • The courier cannot supply clear evidence that the item was delivered to the correct address/person
    • The order has gone missing, with no proof of delivery from the courier
    • The order has been stolen by rogue delivery agents
    • An asteroid hits the delivery truck

  8. Following a claim submission, a declaration of non-receipt must be submitted to Royal Mail using this form before a replacement is shipped (only applies to customers who used either Standard, Express or Priority services).