What's New, What's Next and...Babies?

  • by One Glove

Phew! What a few weeks it has been at One Glove HQ. After months of planning and hard work our big reveal for the new range went off without a hitch and in some fashion (surprisingly none of it leaked!).  

Your response has been phenomenal; the launch videos have been viewed by tens of thousands,  our social media accounts exploded, and a record breaking volume of pre-orders were put down with goalkeepers everywhere eager to guarantee a pair of the stunning new models. 

Fast forward a few weeks and we are well and truly up and running - all models are out and available right now for immediate dispatch with many happy keepers already putting their new mitts to the test. You've flooded us with images, some truly excellent feedback and yes even your babies with the look of bewilderment at what these giant latex-hand-things are (here's looking at you Ben Knells and Kyle Aucott).

So what's next?

Well we're not done yet. If you're new to us or still on the fence about joining the One Glove army then reviewers across the world will shortly have their hands on the new range, giving you the opportunity to grab a reliable and informed  idea of what each new goalkeeper glove brings to the table. We're also already hard at work on additional models and limited editions to introduce this Winter and new year.

My size/model is already out of stock! Where can I grab a pair?

Demand for One Glove grows by the day and despite even quadrupling (yes, quadrupling!) stock intake to feed that hunger we realise your need for an alternative. And in steps Great-Save.com, our retail partner and leading goalkeeping specialists have stock arriving imminently.

Part of our goal this season is to offer more choice to keepers everywhere and help eliminate those gaps in stock, with Great-Save.com on board we're confident this is the beginning of what we hope is a great partnership, so make sure you grab a pair! Similarly, we have a number of overseas stockists receiving the new range so check them out too at our dedicated page by clicking here

For our American cousins across the pond a retailer is testing the range right now and we hope to have something available locally by the end-of-year/new year.


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