• 4mm Pro Grade contact latex
  • One-piece negative cut
  • Negative thumb
  • Midsplit® strap system
  • Speed Sleeve™ wrist entry system
  • Extended pull loop
  • Echo Form™ internal grip system
  • X-Wrap Control™ palm & thumb wrap
  • Padded & comfortable neoprene body
  • D-FLEX™ punch shield



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Pro Proven Grip

The latex featured on the APEX Pro Ignite is our proven Pro Grade Contact latex, as used by all our pros right up to the English Premier League. It is an excellent latex in the dry and will also perform very well in the rain providing you towel off excess liquid like you typically would with any glove. If it can beat the English weather, you know it's good.

One-Piece Negative Cut

New for 2022, this negative cut sets the gold standard for any negative cut in the world.

Consisting of one single gusset instead of the traditional 8 individual, it elevates the feel to a completely new level. Feeling more comfortable and true to the ball while connecting the player to their glove even more.

Our pros cant get enough of it.

D-FLEX™ Punch Shield

New for 2022, the “D-FLEX” shield builds on the foundations built by our tried and tested SLYR collection. The positioning of the flexi-cuts has been improved dramatically – offering more optimal hand movement.

The total surface area of the shield has also been decreased, helping reduce any restriction in movement without sacrificing padding and protection.

Echo Form™ Internal Grip

Echo Form™ is not like other internal grip systems. It takes the solid foundations of the past and overhauls it into an entirely new ergonomic form factor never before seen in a glove.

Inside the tips, thumb and palm are carefully placed "echos" - individually shaped patterns engineered to combat the direction your fingers, thumb and palm naturally slip against when making contact with the ball. Each one is different.

Thanks to its clever pattern design, no more silicone is used than required, meaning the feeling doesn't overbear. A subtle but reliable ever-present giving you that extra edge.

X-Wrap Control™

The X-Wrap Control™ system wraps the latex around key palm and thumb touch points - this not only gives you additional latex and grip coverage on the edge of your hand, but also locks it into place giving a more secure and controlled feel.

Unlike other wraps on the market, the X-Wrap has cuts specifically engineered to deliver additional flexibility, ensuring secure and controlled doesn't mean tight and restricted.

Speed Sleeve™ Entry System

Gone are the days of struggling and wriggling that wrist endlessly. With our Speed Sleeve™ entry system, sliding your glove on or off becomes an absolute breeze. A simple quality of life addition that once used, you can't go back from.

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