The 20 Most In-Demand 90s Goalie Shirts

  • by One Glove

Could You Be Sitting On A Goalie Goldmine?

There are currently nearly 3,000 retro goalie shirts available to buy on eBay, with an average top selling price of £70 - an easy way to make a quick quid or two if you’ve got some shirts you need to clear out. But if you're lucky enough to have one of the below shirts sitting going dusty at the back of your wardrobe you could be in for a serious windfall.

  1. 1. This pillar box red Norwich City shirt is from the 1983-1984 season and is on eBay for a whopping £4995 - in other words, the price of a small car. Ultra rare, the seller claims this is the only shirt of its kind.
  2. 2. This instantly recognisable geometric number was worn by David James for Liverpool in the 95-96 season - starting price of £299.95
  3. 3. Many well-known sportswear brands release template designs which are then picked up by multiple clubs - this Reebok design, featuring a very 90s-esque red and white angular design, is still popular now. Starting price £44.99.
  4. 4. This colourful Sharp jersey was Manchester United’s away kit in the 92/93 season - if you’ve got one knocking around this recent sale topped £120.
  5. 5. This shiny gold AC Milan shirt is from the 90-91 season and is starting at £120 - worn by  Andrea Pazzagli himself and the only one of its kind available.
  6. 6. Lotto’s 91-92 season Fiorentina shirt is a popular style amongst retro shirt collectors - if you’ve got one you could make nearly £200. 
  7. 7. Another classic 90s design with branding from “cool and creamy” Lambton’s beer, this Sunderland shirt was worn during in the '97 season and has a starting bid of £139.99.
  8. 8. It seems to hypnotise the rival team into not scoring was the aim of the game with this magic eye style 97-98 Newcastle shirt which is truly offensive on the eyes - but apparently popular, with a starting bid of £129.99.
  9. 9. This 96-97 Schmeichel special is starting at £199.99 but you get the shorts too, meaning you can fulfil those full kit w*nker dreams.
  10. 10. Worn by iconic Mexican keeper Jorge Campos in the 90s  this Puma jersey features the famous animal badge and is going for a tidy £625.
  11. 11. If you were a Hibernian fan in the 90s you could make upwards of £499 if you’ve got a home goalie shirt as worn by Alex Ferguson’s nemesis Jim Leighton hiding away at the back of your wardrobe.
  12. 12. The design of this Newcastle United 91-92 season shirt wouldn’t look out of place in a hipster coffee shop, but if you’d prefer to make some quick cash rather than look cool buying a flat white you might be able to get £299 or more for it. 
  13. 13. This eye-melting mid 90’s England goalie jersey was worn by David Seaman and is one of the most recognisable kits of all time. Shirts go for around £300 on auction sites these days. 
  14. 14. Any Gooners with Nike’s yellow and black 95 to 97 design sitting on a shelf could be looking at a £199 profit.
  15. 15. This is one of the few 92 to 94 Manchester United shirts around and is a classic 90s mix of bright colours and geometric designs. At the time of writing this shirt was trending on eBay and was on for a starting bid of £200.
  16. 16. We’re slightly bending the 90s focus with this 89-90 season QPR shirt, worn by David Seaman, but we couldn’t resist the shiny mint green fabric and the Fly KLM branding, which was a result of a years-long link-up between QPR and the Dutch tourist board.
  17. 17. This England goalie jersey was worn during the 92 Euros, where we got knocked out by the Swedish hosts. You can banish yourself of bad memories and make around £249 in the process if you’ve got one of these at home.
  18. 18. This 1990’s Adidas shirt was a template style used by a variety of teams and features a very Jackson Pollock-esque paint splash design, clashed with classic three stripe sleeves. Shirts of this style are going for around £99.
  19. 19. This shirt is the only example of this style available from vintage sellers and is a 1990’s design worn by the goalie of Italy’s Pescara Calcio, also known as the Dolphins. The brand is Reusch and offers something a little different to the usual Adidas and Umbro styles.
  20. 20. Topping off our list is this 1994 Kappa Kaizer Chiefs shirt, swapped with David James in a United Bank Soccer Festival match against Liverpool played in South Africa (and watched by President Nelson Mandela).

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